About Adams® Natural Peanut Butter

The Adams® Peanut Butter Company was founded in 1916 by Rex F. Adams, a local Tacoma, Washington football coach. In 1919, the Company added Old Fashioned Peanut Butter to its line of products. Its peanut butter slogan was "The freshest thing in town." Tacoma customers recall being able to purchase the delicacy of Adams® Hot Peanut Butter. The freshly packed hot peanut butter was rushed to the local grocery stores on the very day of special ads.

In 1965, Cecil and Inga Nielsen purchased the company, and it operated under the name Adams Food, Inc. The company began to prosper after eliminating unprofitable items and upgrading the processing machinery. In January 1974, production of Adams products moved to a new plant in the Port of Tacoma area.

In December 1998, The J.M. Smucker Company acquired the Adams Peanut Butter business from Agrilink Foods, Inc.